Solar And Wind Energy: Safe and Clean

  • Annual Power Generation
    217,758,958 kWh

    Equivalent to annual energy consumption of 72,586 households

    The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
    Annual energy consumption per household 3,000kWh

  • Annual CO2 Reduction
    124,281,000 kg

    Equivalent to annual CO2 emission of 54,035 cars

    Ministry of Environment
    Annual CO2 emission per car c. 2,300kg

(July 2021 to June 2022 – Total of Ichigo and Ichigo Green)

Sustainable Real Estate

Preserve & Enhance Existing Buildings to End Wasteful Demolish & Rebuild

  • Lengthen useful life of existing real estate
  • Shrink footprint by reducing demolition waste and use of raw materials, energy, and human effort for construction
Sustainable Real Estate

Natural Disaster Response

No injuries or damages at any Ichigo asset or power plant from recent natural disasters

Robust Assets

  • Real estate: continuous improvements to safety & functionality via value-add capex
  • Power plants: site selection and construction based on detailed specifications customized to local geography

Robust BCP & Real-time Response

  • Pre-typhoon preventative measures (water shielding, sandbags, etc.) & on-site checks
  • Overwhelming priority is safety of tenants: on-the-ground confirmation & onthe-ground response
  • Ichigo engineering team immediate response: same day on-site safety and engineering inspections to prevent secondary damage and losses
  • Developed & deployed proprietary Susport software system for real-time information sharing & emergency response

Environmental Certifications

Ichigo Office (8975)

CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency)

S rank

  • Ichigo Takamatsu Building

    Ichigo Takamatsu Building

  • Ichigo Marunouchi Building

    Ichigo Marunouchi Building

  • Ichigo Jingumae Building

    Ichigo Jingumae Building

A rank

  • Ichigo Ebisu Green Glass
  • Ichigo Sakaisuji Honmachi Building
  • Ichigo Sendai East Building
  • Ichigo Kanda Nishikicho Building
  • Ichigo Mirai Shinkin Building
  • Win Gotanda Building 2
  • Ichigo Higashi Gotanda Building


Since its launch in 2009, GRESB has assessed the performance of various property companies and funds around the world, establishing a global standard for ESG benchmarking that is now applied to a broader and more diverse class of real assets. Today, more than 170 GRESB investor members (with AUM of USD 51 trillion) who are some of the largest pension funds and their fiduciaries, including the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) and several investors in Japan, use the GRESB data in their investment management and engagement process to better understand the sustainability risks and opportunities intrinsic to their real assets investments.

Ichigo Office has been participating in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment since 2016. In the 2022 GRESB Real Estate Assessment, Ichigo Office was awarded Three Stars in the GRESB Rating (maximum five stars) for the sixth year in a row, based on the quintile position of Ichigo Office's GRESB Overall Score relative to global participants. Ichigo Office won a “Green Star” designation for the sixth consecutive year, exemplifying Ichigo Office’s high achievement in areas of ESG-related policies and organizational setup (the “Management Component”), and the environmental performance of its assets as well as tenant engagement (the “Performance Component”).

Ichigo Office also received the second-highest “B” GRESB Public Disclosure Level, which measures the quality of ESG disclosures by REITs and listed property companies.


Other Certifications

BELS (Building-housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System), DBJ Green Building