Support National & World-Class Athletes

  • Weightlifting
  • Riflery
  • Track & Field
Weightlifter Hiromi Miyake
Hiromi Miyake


Paralym Art Sponsor

Support artists with disabilities

“Hiromi Miyake” by Kenji Ino
“Hiromi Miyake” by Kenji Ino
“Re Born: Cheers to Value-Add” by Sakura
“Re Born: Cheers to Value-Add” by Sakura

Children’s Cancer Treatment

Support University of Miyazaki Faculty of Medicine’s Program for Children

  • Ichigo subsidiary Miyako City issued CSR bond & donated a portion of underwriter commission to the Cancer Program
  • Providing ongoing sponsorship of volunteer activities in support of children with cancer

Regional Revitalization

Promote Community Development Via Sponsorship Of J.League
(Only Top Partner With Real Estate Expertise)

  • Renovate and upgrade stadiums and help local governments reduce steep operating and maintenance costs
  • Use real estate expertise to help build stronger and healthier local communities
Promote Community Development via Sponsorship of J.League

Strengthen Local Communities, Create Jobs, and Boost Rural Economies Via Smart Agriculture

  • Collaborate with local farmers to increase agricultural output, improve quality, and raise rural incomes
  • Increase Japan’s food self-sufficiency
Smart Agriculture 1
Smart Agriculture 2
Smart Agriculture 3